Multi-Data Connection
Our multi-data configuration gives you peace of mind that if an issue ever occurs with the display, it will be isolated to a single module and
keeps the messages readable.  Without the multi data connection, single data connection could black out everything beyond the failed module.

Single Data Connection

Multi-Data Connection

Tile Calibration
Whether it’s onsite or through the internet, our advanced technology firmware allows whole sign, tile or even single pixel calibration. This process ensures matched coloration and uniformity and guarantees that if a tile ever needs
to be replaced, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the sign.

Before Calibration

After Calibration


Modular Cabinet Design
With our newly designed cabinets and tiles, upgrading to a better resolution is as easy as swapping out tiles with our uniform cabinet design. The Modular
cabinet design also allows  quick production turnaround to meet your demands.

Superior POWER System
Our engineered control box system houses the fan-less power supply and receiver card in a sealed enclosure that eliminate issues with moisture and continuation. Ambient air through the vented cabinet keeps everything running smoothly.