The VISIONTECH Advantage

Our digital sign come standard with 60 frames per second refresh rate. This
means smooth video for your  messaging content. With high resolution displays,
HD resolution output can be achieved for even more dynamic content.

Our exclusive cabinet design and patented LED diode, gives VISIONTECH
the unmatched quality and commitment you deserve. We have partnered
with the top engineers in the world to bring you the most dynamic and durable
display that fits the budget!

With many competitors, the standard traditional cabinet based LED display
has many fans, wires, data and power connectors directly related to the
highest percentage of failures. With the VISIONTECH exclusive SLIMLINE
design, one sealed connection per each tile reduces the points of failure
that commonly occur. With our IP 67 weatherproof rating of front and back
components, VISIONTECH gives you the peace of mind that you deserve.

With VISIONTECH’S exclusive SLIMLINE design we have removed the need
for cooling fans. One of the main contributors of failures are cooling fans
that are common with traditional style cabinet displays. With dust build up
inside the cabinet, fan failure is eminent which leads to heat build up. With
our engineered control cabinet, only ambient air is needed to cool the
internal components inside the IP 67 rated weather proof cabinet.

Digital Sign

Our patent LED diode design and 100% completely sealed PCB board with
potting material on the front and back gives VISIONTECH the ability to offer
an industry leading 10 year parts warranty. The new patent tile design is also
enclosed in a UV resistant sealed housing that is filled with silicon potting for
improved moisture protection and heat transfer.